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The team of BIOJOY is made up entirely of young professionals who have embraced the “green” mindset as our lifestyle. With an unabated enthusiasm for truly healthy food, we work hard to give our customers access to a better quality and healthier food delivered directly to their homes.

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dried Prunes

(EUR 12.99/kg) 12.99 incl. VAT plus Shipping 

(EUR 12.99/kg)

➤1 kg Package

➤ORGANIC dried plums | Our prunes are an organic natural product, with no added sulphur or sugar, without any preservatives – the fresh plums are simply pitted, carefully dried and freshly sealed.

➤WHY? | Biojoy prunes are a delicious snack, rich in fibre and potassium. Traditionally, prunes can naturally aid the function of the digestive system.

➤HOW? | With their natural fruit sweetness, prunes have a peasant taste, they can be used for baking and cooking and are perfect for making cereals and muesli bars.

➤OUR TIP | As a dried fruit with high natural fruit sweetness, our pitted and dried prunes are an ideal energy-boost snack for athletes.

➤SATISFACTION | Are you satisfied with our Biojoy prunes, does the product meet your expectations? Your feedback will be helpful to us and other customers!

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Banana Chips sweetened

(EUR 11.49/kg) 11.49 incl. VAT plus Shipping 

(EUR 11.49/kg)

➤1 kg Package

➤ Unsweetened banana chips | Bananas (65%) baked in coconut oil* (35%) Our banana chips are baked in high-quality coconut oil and unsulphured. You receive only the natural fruit sweetness, with no added honey or sugar!
➤ WHY? | Our banana chips are a natural snack, rich in potassium and magnesium, and thanks to their natural sweetness they are ideal as a fast energy source for athletes.
➤ HOW? | The unsweetened banana chips are a delicious crunchy snack, they can be added to muesli as a crisp, naturally sweet ingredient, and can also be used in exotic cuisine.
➤ OUR TIP | Banana chips provide readily available energy to endurance athletes and people engaged in long-term activities under high physical load.
➤ SATISFACTION | Please share with us how satisfied you are with the taste and quality of our unsweetened banana chips. We thank you in advance for your feedback and your rating!

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Dried organic Cranberries

(EUR 11.99/kg) 11.99 incl. VAT plus Shipping 

(EUR 11.99/kg)

➤ 1 kg Package

➤ Cranberries of premium organic quality | Carefully dried and enriched with dense apple juice and sunflower oil, our cranberries are aromatic, rich in vitamins and can be used in a variety of ways.

➤ WHY? | Our cranberries are not only delicious, but in a dried form they also supply essential minerals and trace elements, as they are a source of magnesium, potassium, manganese and copper.

➤ HOW? | Cranberries have a more sour taste than raisins and can successfully replace them, if you prefer your dishes less sweet – added in muesli, taken as a flavoury snack, used as a cooking and baking ingredient, or in salads.

➤ OUR TIP | Our raw ORGANIC cranberries are an ideal energy-boosting snack on outings, hikes and all endurance sports activities.

➤ SATISFACTION | Are you one of those customers who readily share their opinion? Thank you for evaluating our cranberries and sharing your level of satisfaction with Biojoy quality and service.

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Sunflower seeds natural, unsalted

(from EUR 5.60/kg) 9.9914.49 incl. VAT plus Shipping 

➤ SUNFLOWER SEEDS | Our delicious raw organic sunflower seeds are hulled and completely natural, packed in a bag that can be easily closed again after use.

➤ WHY? | Sunflower seeds are a source of valuable unsaturated fatty acids thanks to which they strengthen the function of the heart and blood circulation. The high content of vitamins (E, D, K, B, A, F), carotene and minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium is also beneficial for the heart.

➤ HOW? | The small healthy high-energy seeds are a pleasure to nibble raw, but are also suitable as an addition to healthy salads, smoothies and cereals. They are also great for making low-carb bread.

➤ OUR TIP | Sunflower seeds have convincing positive properties: they are versatile and easy to use, and are also inexpensive, nutritious, healthy and delicious.

➤ SATISFACTION | Biojoy stands for 100% natural and delicious meals. We hope that you will be completely satisfied with our sunflower seeds. That’s why we look forward to your feedback – also for our service!

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Pumpkin seeds raw & shelled

(EUR 12.49/kg) 12.49 incl. VAT plus Shipping 

(EUR 12.49/kg)
➤1 kg Package

➤ ORGANIC PUMPKIN SEEDS | Our raw, crispy pumpkin seeds are a pure and natural product – without the husk, and completely untreated with preservatives. We pack them natural in practical resealable bags.

➤ WHY? | Organic pumpkin seeds are a multi-purpose, protein-rich snack. They contain a lot of fibre, more than 80% of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, beta-carotene, minerals, magnesium, potassium and iron.

➤ HOW? | Pumpkin seeds are the perfect nibbling snack in between meals, but are also suitable for muesli or as an ingredient in low-carb bread. Their taste becomes even more intense and nutty when shortly roasted in the pan.

➤ OUR TIP | Whether as a small healthy snack, as a baking ingredient, or added to various foods: pumpkin seeds are a proven versatile ingredient the kitchen and indispensable for many crispy-fresh salad mixes.

➤ SATISFACTION | Your satisfaction is important to us: let us know how you like our healthy, pure and versatile pumpkin seeds! We will appreciate your feedback on our service.

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Dried Sweet Cherries

(from EUR 19.99/kg) 12.9919.99 incl. VAT plus Shipping 

➤ ORGANIC cherries, dried and pitted | The dried and freshly sealed sweet cherries are an aromatic, extremely rich in vitamins and 100% natural fruit snacks of the best organic quality.

➤ WHY? | Cherries are healthy and extremely delicious fruits, which in a dried form are rich in vitamins (A and C), as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

➤ HOW? | Pitted and dried organic sweet cherries are used like raisins – for example, as a pure unsweetened, natural fruity-sweet snack, in muesli mixes or as a baking ingredient.

➤ OUR TIP | With our ORGANIC sweet cherries, you can enjoy a bit of summer all year round. Fresh cherries are found only in summer – dried, they are always available!

➤ SATISFACTION | Many customers show us through their reviews that they are satisfied with Biojoy products and our service. We also appreciate your opinion – whether praise or criticism!

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Customer Reviews

  • - K.Kolev -

    I enjoyed this aroniaberries. I thought that the taste was good and it made a nice mid morning snack or smoothie . It was packaged very well. I would buy it regularly !!

  • - S Goose -

    lots of walnuts!

  • - Lisa Byrne -

    good quality for price, particularly good bio packaging. would definitely buy again

  • - Amazon Customer -

    Fresh and delicious, more than expected in the bag. I would always prefer getting larger packages instead of buying small ones at the grocery store.

  • - Teodor -

    Better than any of the walnuts sold at the supermarkets like Tesco, Asda, etc. My morning porridge is even better now. Thank you for prompt delivery as well.

  • - Kole -

    Lovely pack of fresh walnuts. The taste, colour and consistency are all excellent. I am very happy with the taste of the walnuts. Glad to have purchased the bigger pack as it is a better value for money. The halves are consistent, no crushing. This is likely due to the sturdy pack. The packet itself is quite neat, stands upright on it’s own and is self sealing. I keep it on top of my breakfast kitchen table and nibble on them every now and again especially on breakfast. All in all a great product. I would recommend and definitely buy again.

  • - What I really think -

    Very nice walnuts – nice big value bag. They come in a treated/paper bag with zip top. The walnuts are as described half kernels. I like the fact they say harvested (2015) The expiry of bag is 1 year ahead 2017. The bag says produced in EU but the language on bag appears to be German and there is mention of Nurnberg. Nice taste – walnuts can vary – when I eat one of these in reminded me of cracking nuts at Xmas time many years ago – they had just the same flavour. Nice fresh taste and natural flavour. I’ve been buying very golden light flavoured one’s which I also like these a deeper flavour however they are not bitter or dry like some walnuts. Recommended

  • - Dragana Vujovic -

    It is real juice of Aronia.

  • - Lazar Traparic -

    Very good quality of Aronia Juice which is indeed 100% pure. I am very happy with the product and would recommend it to absolutely everyone!

  • - Amazon Customer -

    Great product and taste as described! We love it and we feel much more energized and know the health benefits are huge. My husband’s blood sugar and blood pressure have both dropped.

  • - Scottish-Mermaid -

    As with most juices I have purchased lately, this was disappointing because it is just too strong for me. It may not be the case for everyone though and I would recommend the seller as delivery was very speedy. Taste is subjective so I cannot speak for everyone. I love that it comes in a glass bottle, too! I think, however–small doses every couple of days is ideally what this is meant to be used for anyway so I am going to continue using it that way as opposed to being a regular drink.

  • - Yevgen Maltsev -

    Great quality and 100% Aronia.
    Works perfectly.
    But I won’t recommend people drinking 50ml at once, because it may cause quick pressure drop.
    It is advised to find individual serving and increase it up to 50ml per day.

  • - G. Monastesse -


  • - D. Johnson -

    Great price and the cherries are delicious. Word of advice – buy directly from Biojoy rather than Amazon. Amazon do not store the product in the correct conditions in their warehouse and there are quality issues as a result. Biojoy contacted me directly to rectify the problems I had with the product as delivered by Amazon. Biojoy sent me a replacement complimentary package direct and there were no quality issues whatsoever. Highly recommend this product.

  • - Amazon Customer -

    On time delivery and good tasting.